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My Commercial Experience

Vonto News Feed
Vonto Insights


A multimillion dollar Fintech app that integrates various business tools and provides customised visualisations for the user.

Lead Frontend / React, Typescript, Data visualisation
Roam Digital Website
Roam Digital Blogs

Roam Website

A seamless JAMstack website made with React and Gatsby which utilises AWS Lambda, static site generation and headless CMS integration.

/ React, Typescript, Gatsby, Contentful
Customer Reviews

Bank App Review Visualiser

An app that would grab data from various different banking app google and apple reviews. The most popular terms would be visualised in an interactive graph. Clicking on graph points populates the corresponding customer reviews in the below section.

/ React, Next
Skyrise Dashboard
Skyrise Deployments


This vue app integrates information from a users AWS or Azure accounts. It then analyses any potential security threats for each cloud services and provides suggestions to control these.

/ Vue, Vuetify, Data visualisation